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Bite Real Hard


It won’t be easy, nothing's easy , you gotta bite real hard

All that you give, and you gave me, we left out in the yard

I'll be with you, beside you , you gotta hill to climb

Son and daughter, their laughter, you don’t have much time

Everything I know, I have from you


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Darling - GIRL SKIN.png



Love doesn’t have an age

so please don’t worry babe

Don’t let a number change your mind

don’t let a number rob you blind

Love doesn’t have a time, don’t fret it’ll be just fine

you’re worried its just a phase

don’t worry, ill love you always

Come on come on, don’t worry love

It's like you put a spell on me

your eyes your skin your teeth

The curl on the lip when you smile

like life is all worth while

Our love's not a dollar sign

oh the money will come in time

You saw me like an easy root

now you see me for my attributes


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GIRL SKIN - You're A Freak.jpg

You’re A Freak


You got your woman's hair

so skinny your bones are bare

the people are look and stare cus you’re a freak

You wear your momma's dress

so tight you can’t get a breath

the people all look and askance cus you’re a freak

cus you’re a freak


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